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YOGA SHALA -Mai Hi, Thailand

A gentle practice of breathwork and spirit combined with an intense, traditional physical opening.

Northern Thailand

Yoga Shala

in Mai Hi in Pai,
(pronounced May Hee in Pie)
Northern Thailand

Let us help you transform your practice to gain confidence, understanding and depth.

Come and Study Jivamukti Yoga in a private hardwood studio surrounded by emerald rice patties. Enjoy homecooked meals, Thai herbal massage, nearby Hot Springs, plus dozens of restaurants and daytrips. We offer vegetarian homecooked meals made with our own organic produce.

Up in the north of Thailand, away from the bustle of the beaches and the hectic night life of Bankok, is a small funky town called Pai.

Street in Pai

A Haven for the weary traveler, Pai has the feeling of a cute seaside town that city folk have come to retire in. With hot springs, caves, whitewater, temples, hill tribes, and jungle elephant rides all nearby, plus a livey nightlife and art scene, Pai offers something for everyone.

Nestled in a comfortable river valley, Pai offers an uniquely supportive environment for practice as well as plenty of opportunity for excitement.

Travelers Note: Northern Thailand Remains Safe and Diverse.

Northern Thailand is still free from militant muslims and ecoterrorists. Buhddism remains the State Religion and the official doctrine of peacefullness holds sway. Pai's history is unique, it's perspective wonderful.

Pai is in the Golden Triangle so the usual cautions apply. If you must travel off the tourist trails, do so only with a licenced, reputable guide. Ethnobotanical tours are also available.


Getting there:

Take the bus from Chiang Mai, through the most spectacular mountain range in Thailand, to the quaint town of Pai. Once in Pai, take a taxi or rent a bike and drive towards the Hot Spings. In Mae Hi, follow signs to the Mai Hi Yoga Shala. Welcome!




For Reservations or Information contact: Casey

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